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waste appliance recycling machine

Time:2018-10-31 Author:Hongyuan Machine

waste apliance processing machine is used into the waste TV sets ,computer scrap , printers, washer, freezer scrap .
firstly we will used the shredding machine to shred them into smaller pieces , after that the vertical crusher will separate the big particle materials of metal from plastic .
waste appliance recycling  machine
the vertical crusher machine will crush the materials into 3-5cm.
the glass will be collect by the blower also for the dust , the Fe will be sorted by the suspend magnetic , aluminum and copper big particles will be conveying to the Eddy current separator machine . aluminum copper will be separated from Plastic .
for the freezer and washer for the Freon is contains , we will use the extruding of freon machinery to get it out. after that the motor will be dismantling before input the machinery .
the Foam output from two side , one is from the blower connected with the vertical crusher machine . one is from the Eddy current side .
waste appliance recycling  machine

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