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The gas tank shredder,shear shredder

Time:2018-10-24 Author:Hongyuan Machine

Everyone sees that the title is estimated to be shocking. They are all thinking about how to shred the gas tank? Can such a big thing be torn? Let me introduce to you what the situation is! ! !

The gas tank shredder is also known as a shear shredder. The material size is reduced by shearing, shredding and squeezing. This shredder is widely used in waste plastics, waste rubber, wood and other waste. Our company has introduced more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing this equipment in Europe and America to China, and based on the actual situation in China, we have improved and researched and developed a series of multi-functional shredders with more mature technology and more advanced design. Provide reliable and reliable equipment for the crushing and volume reduction treatment in the early stage of waste recycling in China.

Can be widely used in a variety of industries and materials, shredder shredded materials including paint buckets, color steel tiles, cans, cans, milk powder cans, iron filings, bicycle frames, motorcycle frames, car shells, metal Briquetting, woven bags, wood, wooden boxes, circuit boards, wire ropes, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, tires, etc. The shredder provides a powerful technical impetus for the recycling and utilization of waste. Want to see the gas tank shredded video plus 1352-6868-234 request.


1. The shredder is widely used in various fields, such as crushing cans, paint buckets, bicycle racks, motorcycle racks, scrap iron scrap aluminum, scrap iron briquettes, color steel tiles, iron sheets and other metal materials.

2. The shredder is easy to maintain. The hob of the shredder adopts the overall structure due to the structural size limitation. The hobs of the large, medium and small shredders adopt the assembled structure, which can directly replace the damaged hob.

3. The shredder has low speed, low noise, large torque, and overload protection of machinery, hydraulics and electrical appliances.

4. The shredder has low cost of use. The machine is designed reasonably and well-made, which prolongs the service life of the equipment and reduces the use and maintenance costs of the equipment. The machine is easy to operate, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost and economical and durable.

5. The blade of the shredder uses a meshing blade made of high alloy to have a good shredding effect on any high hardness material. The machine adopts PLC full-process control, easy to operate, can automatically reverse; prevent material blockage.

6. The shredder is driven by a geared motor, which saves electricity compared to other cans.

7. The shredder has a strong structure and a dense stiffener to ensure the strength of the box.


The thickness of the energy-saving shredder tool and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials. The crushing hollow material can be equipped with a press device to increase the output.

1. Crusher body

The main body of the equipment is welded with high quality steel plate to eliminate stress treatment/integral machining to ensure the stability of the equipment under heavy load for a long time.

2. Moving knife / fixed knife

The moving knife material is made of special special alloy tool steel forging blank, precision machining, multiple heat treatment and low temperature freezing heat treatment technology. The overall toughness and hardness can be repeated and repaired to ensure the cutting performance and service life. The fixed knife is patent-hooked to optimize the tool change function, making tool maintenance replacement more efficient.

3. Bearing/seal

The bearing seat adopts the patented split-and-disassemble type, which can quickly remove the movable knife, fixed knife, bearing and other components, easy to maintain and replace the tool. The unique sealing structure effectively blocks the contact between the broken material and the grease, and the liquid material can also protect the bearing. And gears, etc.

4. Knife shaft

The high-strength heavy-duty special steel is used for processing and refining, and the tool is more reasonable to provide powerful power for cutting.

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