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shredder usage offairs

Time:2018-10-30 Author:Hongyuan Machine

double shaft shredder machine also called cutting shredder,through cutting, napping,and tearing to achieve small the size of material, Mature technology shredder is processed by our company through researching and practicing for years, testing by customer. Making a great contribution to solid waste recycling business.Its widely used in waste plastics, rubbers,wooden,painting drum,waste appliance shell(plastic shell, metal shell),waste circuit boards,cable wire and other big size waste.

shredder usage offairs

shredder usage offairs1. heavy knife, breaking high power ,blades are made of alloy steel casting, solid and long service life.

2: frame plate thick, resistant to high torque, very strong.

3: microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, set to start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control.

4: The device has a low speed, high torque, low noise, dust features can meet environmental standards.

5: easy to adjust, low maintenance, economical and durable.

6: thickness and number of claw cutter knife can be replaced according to different materials

1. First observe whether the motor, electrical cabinet is connected, whether there is debris left over from the machine.

2. Before starting setting adjustable over-current protection devices, each of the digits is set to 0, according to the current shredder machine motor 30kw station should adjust to: 60-70AP.

3. Start the motor starts to work after a preset overload protection. If you encounter a chunk of metal-containing material, the machine will automatically protect the host stops running for 1-2 seconds, then reverse direction for 3-5 seconds, so the operator promptly removed large pieces of metal, to avoid not work properly. While the host tool is protected.

4. Before stopping to observe the electrical cabinet ammeter index ≤10Ap. Empty running then stopped after 30 seconds.

5. Regular maintenance and repair equipment bearings (23220 type), regular weekly maintenance lithium-based grease filling. And observe belt wear.  



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