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Several regeneration methods of scrap crusher

Time:2018-10-25 Author:Hongyuan Machine

_steel as an important national resource has played an important basic economic role in industry, agriculture, civil and other industries, resulting in the diversity of scrap types, which also contributed to the diversity of scrap recycling solutions to a certain extent.

Several regeneration methods of scrap crusher

_scrap treatment method for large pieces of material which are fragile and irregular in shape due to material and shape, is broken by impact of scrap crusher type.

Large and heavy steel scrap is cut into qualified size by flame cutter.

The larger scrap iron and steel is crushed by blasting.

The thick scrap steel plate and section steel and bar steel are cut by shearing machine.

_scrap sheet, scrap steel wire, scrap car shell and other lightweight materials with small volume proportion are compressed into blocks by baler and bundled as steel-making raw materials.

The scrap scrap produced by cutting is removed by oil and then pressed by briquetting press.

Waste materials mixed with other metals are first broken and then separated by magnetic separation.

In recent years, a new technology of crushing scrap with liquid nitrogen at – 50 ~100 ~C has been developed, but the separation of scrap from non-ferrous metals and other impurities has not been completely solved.

Several regeneration methods of scrap crusher

The use of mixed scrap must be limited to a certain percentage so as not to affect the quality of the steel. In general, mechanical processing is often used. Machinery is usually used for pressure packer, cutting machine and so on.

Waste steel is mainly used for steelmaking addition material in long process BOF or short process electric steelmaking material.

_and as the most difficult light and thin steel resources to be recycled, the economic value of its market recovery has been in a low state, and through the scrap crusher will be less than 4 mm in thickness of light and thin materials crushed to meet the requirements of the concentrate can be re-favored in the market to achieve the recycling of scrap steel.

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