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scrap steel crusher Detailed introduction

Time:2018-10-29 Author:Hongyuan Machine

Function of scrap steel broken broken what material, and can break the material thickness is how much?
scrap steel crusher Detailed introduction
In fact, steel scrap crusher not only function is strong, and widely used. There are many kinds of materials that can be broken, such as scrap steel, car shells, racks for electric cars and motorcycles, as well as general materials such as iron drums, cans and computer-related parts. Thus there is a universal scrap crusher.

How far can you break the material?
scrap steel crusher Detailed introduction
To clarify this issue, it is necessary to understand the internal structure of scrap crusher and blade material. The blade of scrap steel crusher is made of refined alloy knives with super hardness. This meshing blade forms a pair of rollers, and when the material enters the crusher, the rollers are moved in reverse together to shred scrap steel. As for materials that cannot be torn apart, the scrap steel will not be smashed either. It will perform intelligent rotation, spitting out materials that are difficult to swallow, and then crushing them from the top until the scrap is broken into small pieces, which can be discharged from the outlet.

The material enters the crushing warehouse, and the scrap steel crushing opportunity intelligently shatters from the simplest part of the material, first easy then difficult, and so on, until the material is completely torn to a stop. Different types of blades are equipped with different diameters. Generally speaking, as long as the material scale does not exceed the size of the cutter box, it can be easily broken to ensure the production and quality. (for example, the size of the cutter box of the 900-type scrap steel crusher is 900.)

1. Scrap steel has a higher density.

Under the impact of hammer and strong impact, scrap steel is kneaded and scrubbed in the scrap crusher until it is discharged. At this time, its material shape is firm and neat, its gap is small, its natural bulk density can reach about 1.2 tons/cubic meter, even higher.

2. Regular shape of material, near the standard.
scrap steel crusher Detailed introduction
In the process of crushing waste steel in the waste steel crusher, only when it is hammered to a certain extent can it be discharged from the bottom or top grid holes, otherwise, it is hammered continuously until it can be extruded from the bottom or top grid. Since the size of the raster holes used for the discharge of the crusher is determined when the equipment is manufactured, the standard of materials discharged from the same equipment should be nearby and familiar in appearance.

3. Fewer attachments.

Because the hammerhead is staggered and replaced when struck, the inclusions in the scrap steel simply fall out. Under the action of repeated hammering, on the one hand, the steel bumps against the steel; on the other hand, the slip and scrape between the hammer head and the steel scrap occur. In this way, the paint and rust on the surface of the steel scrap are simply stripped away. In the process of hammering, because of the strong impact energy, the waste steel appearance of a lot of heat, so waste steel oil, paint will be burned. The metal can then be recast for use

4. Finally, the power consumption problem of waste steel crusher will be discussed

For example, the 450-type scrap steel crusher has a very reasonable overall structure, and the speed reduction motor used by the driving motor has outstanding functions, which can save about 25% of electricity compared with the same period of last year. When the huge number of iron barrels, waste electrical appliances metal shell, waste cable and thickness of less than 7mm aluminum copper plate, the total energy efficiency is significant
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