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Scrap crusher site


Handling materials: automotive, scrap, metal, light and thin materials, iron sheets,
Processing capacity: 15t / h
Equipment configuration: chain conveyor, scrap shear, magnetic separator, separator

Scrap crusher is a professional equipment used for crushing of scrap steel. It is mainly used to crush all kinds of scrap metal such as scrapped cars, bicycles, motorcycles, color steel tiles, iron sheets and paint buckets. The machine is driven by the spindle rotor to drive the hammer head. The crushing operation for the waste is completed, and the above scrap metal is broken into granular metal particles to facilitate long-distance transportation and metallurgy for waste. For large-scale scrap steel components, our company can effectively assist the crushing of the scrap crusher in the early stage through the self-developed supporting shearing and short-squeezing device to improve the working effect of the scrap crusher.

Scrap crusher siteScrap crusher siteScrap crusher site


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Hongyuan Machinery    Address: Yong'an Road, Gongyi City, Henan, China