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Protection design of scrap crusher

Time:2018-10-12 Author:Hongyuan Machine

The design protection of the broken host. A limit switch is installed on the crushing main unit. When the main unit is opened for maintenance, the limit switch is disengaged, the electric line is de-energized, the main motor cannot be started, and the maintenance work is performed under safe and secure conditions. After the maintenance is completed, the main motor can be started only when the main machine is completely turned off and the limit switch resumes functioning. The security features are as follows. Bypass function The bypass function is used when a downstream device does not need to be put into operation. On the one hand, the downstream device can be skipped when a device is automatically started, and on the other hand, a device cannot be operated. 

2. Isolation switch When the isolating switch is used for motor maintenance, the power can be cut off through the isolating switch to ensure personal safety. 

3. Reset function When the user operates the emergency button in the local operation box, the emergency state will be maintained until it is reset by the “Reset” button on the industrial computer or PLC cabinet door, and the emergency state is released, and the device can display the analog computer. normal work. 

4. Computer and analog monitoring protection Before the computer monitoring system is turned on, it must be ensured that the low voltage cabinet and the PLC cabinet have been closed and reset, otherwise the computer will not work. Once the low-voltage cabinet or PLC cabinet fails in the middle, or a device control must be reset and reset, the computer monitoring system must be turned off first, and then restarted after the fault is removed or reset, the computer will run normally. The analog quantity of the crusher spindle temperature, main motor speed, main motor current, vibrating conveyor motor current, double drum feed roller motor current can be displayed on the display. When operating the equipment, the operating status of the equipment can be grasped by the displayed analog value.

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