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Paint barrel crusher【must see】

Time:2018-10-30 Author:Hongyuan Machine

Paint barrel crusher adapts to crushing range: diesel barrel, paint shell, steam barrel, oil barrel, gasoline can, paint can, dew can, beverage can, etc. 
Paint barrel crusher internal structure and advantages: this machine is made of 20mm–30mm manganese steel plate, with hydraulic device, can lift the cover for maintenance at any time, easy to operate, the internal use of thickened cutter head; 
Paint barrel crusher【must see】
The thickened shaft can effectively break the metal press which is easy and difficult to break, and the bottom screen can be made according to the user’s broken metal (mesh hole φ 30mm- φ 60mm). 
The interior parts of the paint barrel crusher 1) the shell of the main engine is made of extra thick steel plate and lined with high manganese steel castings. 2) the rotor of the main engine has 11 steel disks mounted on the horizontal axis and 6 pin shafts are distributed around the steel plates. 
Axial hanging 10 hammerheads; 3) the main shaft with ball bearings, circulating oil forced lubrication cooling, and equipped with temperature sensors; 4) the feeding port is equipped with super-strong double-cylinder feeding device, which is in a high position and a low position, and rotates in the same direction, which can gradually flatten the large loose material; 
Into the plane. 
This machine adopts single motor and double motor configuration, the user can choose the type configuration according to the size of transformer. 
The paint barrel crusher equipped with double motors can effectively reduce the torque force, save energy and electricity, like crushing the tank body and the metal object of the barrel body, and can use a motor to make use of the inertia of the machine to break up the paint barrel crusher. 
Contact the manufacturer for details. 
Paint barrel crusher product advantage: this machine design is reasonable, the appearance is generous, may change according to the user needs to enter the material entrance size, will not return the material, will not cause the personnel harm. 
Various types and technical parameters of paint barrel crusher: 
Work rate. 
Ulnar (mm). 
Yield (t). 
Adaptive breaking range. 
22kwX2 station. 
Bicycle frame, metal press, roller gate, iron sheet, 
37kwX2 station. 
Motorcycle frame. 
55kwX2 station. 
Shell, colored steel tile, oil. 
75kwX2 station. 
Paint barrels, used household appliances, metal cans, 
90kwX2 station. 
Light and thin metal such as keel strip. 
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