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Mini car shredder machine

Time:2018-10-31 Author:Hongyuan Machine

Automobile shredder mainly consists of electrical part and mechanical part. The electrical part includes: motor and electric cabinet; Mechanical part includes: reducer, frame, rotor, bearing box, etc.
Mini car shredder machine
Main principles of automobile shredder:
The metal material enters the shredding cavity through the feeding hole of the conveyor belt. The motor drives the rotor through the industrial gear box. The rotors meshing with each other tear, squeeze and bite, and tear the materials into small pieces. Achieve the required size of secondary processing or auxiliary equipment for convenient storage and transportation.
It is suitable for crushing used car shell, used bicycle, used motorcycle, used car cab, car door, file cabinet, car sheet metal, safe, car tank, car bumper, water tank, used steel, steel furniture and all kinds of used metal. The output size can be adjusted according to user requirements.

Structural features of automobile shredder:
1. The electrical part is equipped with overload automatic reverse control system, which reduces the probability of equipment damage due to overload and increases safety and service life.
2. Use industrial gear box instead of reducer to increase high torque, reduce noise and increase service life.
3. Bearing housing adopts built-in structure to increase stability, while bearing housing bore adopts large horizontal boring machine to increase coaxiality.
4. The blade is made of high strength alloy steel, with strong wear resistance, high strength and hardness.
5. The spindle is modulated to increase its service life.

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