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Metal scrap crusher details ,you need to know

Time:2018-10-29 Author:Hongyuan Machine

Metal crusher is a kind of universal grinding equipment, metal crusher in the industry, also known as (metal crusher), the equipment is all kinds of scrap metal cans, paint bucket, waste thin metal, paint bucket, caigang watts, briquetting, motorcycle, bicycle frame, waste household appliances, motor shell, carriage board, keel, gate, such as Angle iron scrap thicker scrap metal pieces. The material crushed by metal crusher equipment can reduce transportation cost and improve the speed of iron smelting in waste iron casting furnace. The equipment is easy to operate and approved by the units and individuals.

Metal crusher product advantages:

The metal crusher designed by yuzhuo machinery is reasonable in configuration and generous in appearance. According to the user needs to change the size of incoming materials, never return materials, will not cause injuries.

Metal crusher working principle:

The core principle of metal crusher is to hit metal materials with hammer. Driven by the high speed and large torque motor, the hammer head on the main engine rotor alternately strikes the to be broken into the capacitance cavity, through the space formed between the liner and the hammer head, to tear the to be broken into the specification. According to the working condition of the crusher, it can be divided into dry system, wet system and semi-wet system. The dry type system mainly refers to the crushing material must go through the air rotary sorting system to separate the metal and non-metal, in addition, the whole system is equipped with a dust removal device. The wet system means sprinkling water at the same time of crushing and cleaning at the same time of sorting. The semi-wet system is only sprayed with a small amount of water when it is needed to break up, to prevent the dust from blowing up, and is not cleaned.

Features of metal crusher:

1. Wide range of application: in addition to crushing waste metal, it is also applicable to crushing wood, waste paper, plastic, straw, automobile tire, waste paper, wall tank and other materials.

2. Easy maintenance: the hob of small crusher adopts the overall structure due to the limitation of its structure size. The hob of medium and large crushers adopts the assembly structure, which can directly replace the damaged hob.

3. Low speed, low noise, high torque, and overload protection of machinery/hydraulic and electrical equipment.

4. Low cost of using and maintaining waste metal crusher equipment: the equipment is designed reasonably and manufactured well, which extends the service life of the equipment and reduces the cost of using and maintaining the equipment.

The metal crusher carries out technical lifting energy. The following is the excellent performance of our factory after the improvement of the new metal crusher:

1. The new scrap metal crusher generally adopts the dustpan mouth with large inclination Angle, and the machine mouth is equipped with the pre-flattening device, which can make the large volume of metal materials enter the dustpan mouth through the conveying materials of the conveyor and then feed the large volume of thin material into the machine cavity through the flattening roller. At the same time control the feed uniform rate uniform state. No congestion.

2. New junction using scrap metal crusher blade wheel and sieve inclined plate into 40 degrees, after crushed by a metal material into machine cavity hoarding at 40 degrees of inclined plate, by the sword, pull, tearing, pulling into the bottom screen, at the same time make the hoarding of materials in order to broken, form the work area, alleviate the hook knife cutting and drawing also avoids the machine crash phenomenon. No downtime greatly improves efficiency.

3. The diameter of the cutter plate of the new scrap metal crusher is increased, and the weight of the hammer head is increased at the same time, which can make the hammer head rotate between the cutter plates for a week, instead of beating the spindle sleeve. Make the crusher run smoothly, do not vibrate, increase the hammer head in the rotation of the spindle drive, the strength of crushing is greatly increased, can make the metal materials quickly broken without any effort. Hammer hammer and ring cross installed at the same time, the knife and hammer head, cut ring hammer triad hook hammer rubbing of state formation in work, more waste iron containing paint area, paint bucket, caigang watts and knead into a ball state, each broken metal material proportion, the compaction degree is high, in addition to good effect paint broken out metal pellets, clean and bright.

4. The new scrap metal breaker eliminates the lining device. In the machine gun, the arc-shaped lining screen device is used on the upper part of the cutter disc, which not only plays the role of the lining board, but also plays the role of the screen screen, equivalent to one side feeding and three sides discharging. So short crushing cycle, saving time and electricity, production greatly increased. Besides, the inner diameter of arc lining screen and bottom screen adopts washboard type. The arc-lined screen adopts the screw installation method of the machine box at both sides to make the arc-lined screen firmly fixed and never loose. There is support in the middle of the arc liner screen, which will not budge during the crushing process to reduce the maintenance rate caused by screw loosening.

5. In the machine gun of the new scrap metal crusher, except at the entrance of the feed, all the other parts are screen holes. Under the condition that the main shaft drives the knife to revolve, the wind generated can be removed through the screen holes to reduce resistance. It is environmentally friendly and safe and odorless.

1. The crusher integrates the advantages of traditional high speed pulverizer, pulverizer and grinder based on the principle of airflow guidance, and is the embodiment of the integration of three machines.

2. The average crushing particle size of the crusher is more than 150 mesh, which is equal to that of the grinder. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high production efficiency and small particle size of discharge.

3. The crusher adopts stainless steel crushing groove and blade to meet the requirements of iron free from traditional Chinese medicine and GMP.

4. The crusher is widely used, with minerals, fibers and slightly sticky substances (drying), which can be crushed to extremely fine size, such as licorice, pearl, diabetes formula, umbilical agent, skin application agent, etc.

5. The crusher is easy to operate, and the material can be extremely fine without repeated crushing.

6. The crusher can be used continuously and has a strong air cooling device without time limit. The crusher does not need screen mesh, the residue is very small, easy to clean.

The combination of the crusher straight blade, small scissor and big scissor can effectively reduce the disadvantageous crushing caused by the difference of material properties

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