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Metal pulverizer
Metal pulverizer

Metal pulverizer

Production: 0.6-150t/h Application area: scrap metal recycling and smelting Product Overview: Metal crusher is also called scrap crusher. It is suitable for crushing all kinds of large-scale scrap steel to achieve the effect of reducing the volume of scrap metal. The scrap metal after crushing this equipment will have a higher market. price.

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Metal pulverizerMetal pulverizer

The metal pulverizer is mainly used to realize the decomposition and pulverization of large-mouth scrap metal. The metal pulverizer is mainly used for: cans crushing, color steel tile crushing, scrapping automobile crushing, paint bucket crushing, iron chip crushing, etc. Recycling of a variety of scrap metal. It can realize the fine processing of scrap metal and achieve a better prospect of interest in the transportation cost and recycling price of scrap metal. In the structure of the metal pulverizer, the main casing is made of extra-thick steel plate, and the inner lining is made of high-manganese steel casting to protect the outer body. In the rotor part of the main machine, the machine adopts a disc-type fastening rotating mechanism in the rotor. There are several steel plates mounted on the horizontal axis (the number and diameter of the steel plates are based on the model). There are 6 pins on the circumference of the steel plate. There are several hammers in the axial direction for crushing and crushing the material. Ball bearing support, circulating oil forced lubrication cooling, and equipped with a temperature sensor to ensure high-speed and stable operation of the equipment, through the cooperation of the above casing and the main shaft to complete the metal crushing operation.

Metal pulverizer

working principle

In the working principle, the metal pulverizer is fed into the equipment by the metal briquetting material of the feeding conveyor to force the feeding and crushing port, and the metal is subjected to primary crushing through the crushing process of the pressing roller and the coarse crushing shaft, and the metal material after the primary crushing Entering the main cavity of the equipment, driven by the high-speed and high-torque motor, the hammer on the main rotor alternately strikes the metal material entering the main cavity through the space between the lining plate and the hammer head, and the crushing block is in the crushing cavity. A sufficient and effective fine crushing is obtained, and the crushed material block is torn into a crushed product of a specification, and then flows down from the screen. The crushed material passes through the air cyclone sorting system to separate the paint, rust and waste plastic in the metal metal briquettes, and the materials discharged at the bottom of the equipment are transported to the collecting point through the conveying equipment, and the materials contained in the material are contained in the process. The non-magnetic material is sorted and discharged into the non-magnetic material pile by the separation and discharge line under the action of the magnetic separator. In addition, the entire system is equipped with a dust removal device to minimize the dust pollution hazard generated during the production process. Moreover, when using the device, there are many advantages of high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, uniform discharge and fineness, low noise, no pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Metal pulverizer


model power Application range Rotating speed Processing capacity(t/h) Dimensions(mm) weight(t)
800PSJ-C 37-55 Cans, thin iron, light metal 1250 0.7-1 3800*1600*1800 3.2
1000PSJ-C 45-75 Small metal packing, cans, scrap metal 1250 0.8-1.5 2560*1800*2200 7.6
1300PSJ-C 90-150 Scrap metal blocks such as bicycles and motorcycles 860 2-4 4000*3500*3200 11.5-26
1600PSJ-C 200-280 Scrap metal parts such as automobile cutting parts and paint buckets 750 4-6 4800*4000*3800 16.6-35
1800PSJ-C 220-450 Scrapped large scrap metal blocks 650 6-10 4800*4100*4000 32-48
2000PSJ-C 315-630 Scrapped large scrap metal blocks 650 8-12 5000*4500*4300 35-65
2200PSJ-C 500-900 Scrapped large scrap metal blocks 650 15-20 5000*4500*4300 35-65
2400PSJ-C 1250-2250 Large metal packing, car shell 650 20-45 6300*4800*4500 85-120
2800PSJ-C 1600-3300 Various scrap metal 650 70-100 6400*5200*4800 145-230
3000PSJ-C 3300-4400 Various scrap metal 650 110-140 8500*7200*5500 280-760


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Steel tile crusher

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Paint bucket  pulverizer

Device name:Paint bucket pulverizer

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