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metal crusher machine,the crusher metal recycling

Time:2018-11-02 Author:Hongyuan Machine

Metal crusher introduction:
metal crusher machine,the crusher metal recycling
  The metal pulverizer is a metal pulverizing equipment for scrap metal products, such as fine pulverization, paint rust removal, impurity removal and molding encryption. The metal pulverizer is also a metal ore, metal powder pulverizing and milling machine, and the metal pulverizer is iron-plastic, iron wood and steel. Metal crushing and separating machine for plastic, iron-aluminum, aluminum-plastic, copper-plastic and other metal mixed materials. Metal crusher contributes a lot to the development of renewable resources such as scrap metal, waste plastics and waste wood in China. The metal produced by Huadong Machinery of Henan Province The pulverizer mainly uses the high-speed machine hitting and impact force generated by the medium-speed rotating heavy-duty tool to break the metal material into pieces, and then the space friction between the high-speed smashing tool and the lining sieve plate. Double compression compresses the material to achieve rapid splicing and encryption to achieve metal pulverization.
metal crusher machine,the crusher metal recycling
Metal pulverizer for materials:
1. Such as scrap metal, metal scrap, metal scrap, metal briquettes, outer casings, metal parts, metal hoses, metal fibers, metal barrels, scraps, paint buckets, color steel tiles, rolling gates, cans, beer cans, beverage cans , milk powder barrels, tinplate packaging, oil filter, motor casing, scrapped cars, cars, bicycle frames, motorcycles, formwork, mold iron, iron barrels, scrap copper products, scrap aluminum products, aluminum alloys, castings, valves, Handles, hinges, propellers, screws, plastic steel doors and windows, keels, frames, stainless steel tanks, stainless steel residual materials, brackets, nozzles, nozzles;
2, such as pig iron, wrought iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast steel, alloy, die-casting, iron ore, aluminum ore, gold ore, porcelain ore, mica, graphite, perlite, iron powder, ferromanganese powder, ferrosilicon Powder, aluminum powder, zinc powder, iron oxide, magnesium carbonate, barium sulfate, zinc oxide, calcium carbonate;
3, such as plastic pipes, plastic bottles, waste wires, wire and cable, electrical switches, circuit boards, rubber, woven bags, film, tires, extra large head materials, nozzle materials, gate materials, machine head materials, packaging plastics, Pipe, pipe fittings, card board, turnover box, tray;
4. For example, waste wood board, building formwork, nail plate, packing box, carton, cardboard, waste clothes, waste cloth, waste, carpet, nylon, explosive objects, express packaging bags, sealing strips, expired items Imitation;
5, used equipment, used instruments, used electronic scales, windshield, mobile phones, tablets, batteries, appliance casings, refrigerator casings, air conditioning casings, computer casings, TV casings, mice, keyboards, hard drives,
metal crusher machine,the crusher metal recycling
   The metal pulverizer pulverizes the above materials to a metal pulverized material which has small impurities, high density, uniform size, uniform fineness, obvious paint removal and rust removal effect, and good separation state, meets the requirements of steel mill for scrap crushing concentrate, metal pulverizer It plays a decisive role in shortening the smelting time and reducing the smelting pollution and energy consumption, and improves the purity of scrap metal, which reduces its impurities and directly increases its selling price and reduces transportation costs. The metal pulverizer has a late stage for scrap aluminum and scrap copper. The selection provides a good foundation. The metal pulverizer has many advantages such as the effect of removing waste plastics and wood by 99.8%. It is widely used in steel factory affiliates, scrap processing and distribution enterprises, waste recycling enterprises, smelting enterprises and steel enterprises. Metal smelting enterprises, metal smelting enterprises, metal foundry enterprises, scrap metal recycling stations, metal recycling resources enterprises, metal products factories, metal processing plants, aluminum alloy products factories, automobile production enterprises, mining plants, refractory plants, power plants, metallurgy Industries, fields such as factories, chemical plants, power plants, and industrial plants.
metal crusher machine,the crusher metal recycling

Metal shredder works:
  The metal pulverizer uses the high-speed medium-speed rotational force generated by the speed ratio switching between the motor and the pulley to drive the heavy-duty cutter and the cutter head on the cutter head to take high-speed and high-pressure impact on the workpiece to be pulverized into the pulverization chamber. Collision tears the pulverized material to a small piece that meets the specifications. After the lining plate is formed, it is counter-attacked until the heavy-duty tool and the cutter head are formed into multiple pulverizations and then naturally fall to the sieve plate sieve hole. The natural discharge of the qualified discharge size is not up to standard. After being crushed, the pulverized material will be recycled again by the cutter and the cutter head until the qualified discharge size falls through the sieve hole into the discharge port. According to the working condition of the metal pulverizer, it can be divided into dry pulverization, wet pulverization and semi-wet pulverization. The dry metal pulverizer mainly means that the crushed material has to pass through the air cyclone sorting system to separate the metal from the non-metal, and the whole system is equipped with a cyclone dust removing device, and the wet metal pulverizer refers to the water jetting while being broken, and At the same time, the water is cleaned by sorting. The semi-wet metal pulverizer only sprays a small amount of water when it is needed for crushing to prevent dust and no cleaning.

Metal crusher process flow chart:

  metal crusher machine,the crusher metal recycling


Metal crusher features:
1. The metal pulverizer heavy-duty occlusion tool has an angular shape that can be broken, broken, torn, thin metal, cans, stainless steel pipes and other materials broken;
2. The metal pulverizer uses a special alloy cutter head. The hardness of the cutter head is high and tough, and it can be disassembled, which reduces the replacement time and the maintenance cost.
3, the metal pulverizer chassis design is sturdy, the fastening parts are increased by the reinforcement ribs by high-strength screws, durable, high safety factor;
4. The metal crusher adopts the automatic button control cabinet, which is easy to operate and easy to use;
5. The main parts of the metal pulverizer are marked with red silk safety, which helps the standard operation and safe production;
6. The medium-speed high-pressure rotation of the metal pulverizer cooperates with the heavy-duty cutters, the cutter head, the lining plate and the sieve plate to reduce the rotation speed and reduce the energy consumption;
7. The fineness of the finished product of the metal pulverizer can be made into the sieve hole of the sieve plate according to the customer’s requirements, and the fineness of the high-pressure pulverization is uniform, up to 80 mesh fineness;
8. Metal pulverizer High-pressure friction pulverized material has high cleanliness such as scrap iron rust removal, easy-drawn cans stripping paint, paint bucket paint, iron-aluminum mixed separation, aluminum-plastic plastic, and wood nails can be matched by this machine. Equipment removal or sorting;
9. The metal pulverizer scientific edge cutter directly increases the efficiency and effect of metal material pulverization by 6 times;

10. The metal pulverizer adopts the pulverizer designed by the principle of full sealing structure, strong structure and densely reinforced plate to ensure the strength of the box, and all aspects of performance are improved;
11. Metal crusher metal crusher new model, new speed, new wind dust removal system, and installed foundation, stabilize the noise of the crushing chamber, avoid sputtering raw materials, can achieve low noise, and be safe and environmentally friendly.

 metal crusher machine,the crusher metal recycling

Metal crusher material:
1. The edge of the heavy metal pulverizer is improved by experts. The bite-type cutter head made of special alloy material is very durable. The toughness can be said to be iron-cutting and smashing the tin can.
2. The heavy metal pulverizer is fastened with high-toughness steel plate material, and the machine can be used for 10-20 years according to proper maintenance;
3. The heavy metal crusher is equipped with feeding and conveying equipment. The whole machine is controlled by one electronic control cabinet for one person to complete the operation of the whole metal crusher;
4. The heavy metal pulverizer has the motor and the reduction pulley. The octagonal foundation is fastened with the grounding. The scattered vibration is obvious, the operation process is very stable, and there is no excessive noise.

Metal shredder performance:
  The metal pulverizer is also called scrap iron pulverizer, can crusher, scrap pulverizer, paint bucket pulverizer, etc. The metal pulverizer is your crushing cans, iron cans, beverage barrels, tinplate cans, red cattle cans, and dew cans. The choice of sprite cans, paint buckets and scrap scrap iron. The 600-type metal shredder can crush Wang Laoji, beer bottles, and other cans into ideal metal particles, thus reducing transportation costs and facilitating the processing of steelmaking raw materials in the recycling market. The metal ball pulverized by the metal pulverizer is also higher in price than the materials pulverized by other equipments, and solves the problems of paint removal, rust removal and pressing of the cans. The metal pulverizer can diversify various materials such as pig iron powder and wood. Pallets, stencils, aluminum-plastic tubes, broken bridge aluminum, copper tubes, etc. are pulverized into pellets for easy transportation and smelting, and environmental pollution is also reduced. From the operational effect, dust is a common problem for medium and high speed crushers. However, the metal pulverizer of Huadong Machinery Factory is a multi-option spray system to control dust and smoke. It can replace high-temperature steam generated by water mist and dust during exercise. The oxygen in the pulverizing process ensures that no dust and smoke are generated in the pulverizing chamber, which solves the problem of air pollution in the production process. The quality of the metal pulverizer is strictly controlled, and each unit has supervision of transparency, such as production, inspection, and storage. Quality and long-term after-sales make the equipment more cost-effective and meet the national conditions.

The advantages of scrap crushing materials are as follows:
  After the metal pulverizer pulverizes and encrypts the scrap steel scrap material, the number of times of feeding is reduced by high-purity metal components after de-painting, rust removal and impurity removal, the smelting time is short, the smelting energy consumption is reduced, the smelting power consumption is reduced, the impurities are small, and the melting step is performed. The play is greatly reduced, the exhaust gas discharge is greatly reduced, the density is high, the chemical composition of molten steel is more stable, the proportion of molten steel produced is high, the purity is high, the molten steel is required for low phosphorus and sulfur, and the direct sale price of crushed scrap steel is higher than ordinary scrap iron. The price makes the customer get higher. The metal pulverizer combines the advantages of various pulverizers and crushers to make full use of the principle of impact, impact, shearing, tearing, friction and other materials colliding with each other, and adding new impurities. Dust removal equipment, aluminum cans can also be fed together, the magnetic separator inside can effectively separate the aluminum and iron.

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