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Matters needing attention in installation and use of metal crusher

Time:2018-10-25 Author:Hongyuan Machine

setup script
(1) Because the hammer breaks have a certain frequency and intensity of vibration in normal use, so the use of units in the installation should strictly follow the basic drawings provided by the manufacturer construction, to prevent other problems. Some units plan to save trouble, directly hammered on the prefabricated board, exposed a few steel head and hammered bottom plate welded together, coping with the use, this is often self-deception, but the accident regret. If the prefabricated slab must be used, the safety factor should be increased according to the characteristics of hammer breaking parameters, and the construction of special prefabricated slab should be done after careful calculation.
(2) when installing, attention should be paid to the proper alignment between the belt pulley and the hammer belt pulley. And should consider the delivery of use, the working environment should be kept dry, ventilated, to prevent rain, snow, dust and other erosion of the motor. It also has protective devices such as shields and overload protectors to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.
(3) Hammer breakage in the installation if necessary and site conditions permit, should be equipped with feeding devices to ensure the uniform continuity of feeding, to prevent one side of the feeding or more or less feeding caused by the vibration of the whole machine intensified, one or both sides of the bearing temperature rise too high, motor overload and so on.
(4) Hammer breaking installation must be equipped with a feeding device to prevent the use of some hammer breaking damage to the material into the hammer breaking, such as: iron blocks and other hard materials, after entering the hammer breaking will cause damage to the screen bottom, hammer head and other components; and such as: plastic cloth strips have a certain degree of toughness of soft materials, after entering the hammer breaking blocked the screen bottom, winding rotor, shadow. Sound treatment effect.
Use process
(1) In normal use, the operator should often check the degree of tightness of fasteners, wear of vulnerable parts, lubricant (grease) surplus, etc. The fastening fastening, the patching repair, the replacement replacement, and the filling of the filling. They should be included in the “regular maintenance system”, strictly implemented and must not be adopted.
(2) On the premise that the type of crushing materials has been determined, the amount of material supplied can not exceed the amount of treatment that can be sustained by hammering; large pieces of materials that can not be treated by hammering can not be directly entered into hammering, and crushing devices should be installed in the previous process. Otherwise, the hammering will not be able to handle the motor, bearing or other components.
In a word, the customer should know the use position of hammer breaking, the characteristics of crushing raw material, the size of feed, the size of discharging material, the amount of treatment and so on. Under the condition of clearly knowing the situation of oneself, choose the hammer type according to the technological condition. If there are special circumstances, in order to meet the requirements, should consider whether to add the previous equipment, or some auxiliary equipment. This is a problem that needs to be considered when determining the process. There is no further discussion here.

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