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Mainframe structure and working principle of scrap crusher production line

Time:2018-10-15 Author:Hongyuan Machine

—, host structure
The main body of the scrap crusher is divided into a dry system, a wet system and a semi-wet system.
The dry system mainly means that the crushed material needs to pass through the air cyclone sorting system to separate the metal from the non-metal, and the whole system is equipped with a dust removing device.
The wet system means that water is sprayed and dusted while being broken, and the water is washed while sorting.
The semi-wet system only performs a small amount of water spray to prevent dusting while being broken, and there is no cleaning.

Second, the working principle
The working principle of the main body of the scrap crusher is actually the basic principle that the hammer crushes the object. Only the hammer is made into a suitable rotating shape such as "bell shape". The hammer is mounted on the high-speed shaft and separated by a fixed round steel disc. Generally, the number of installations is different due to different models. The hammer is at high speed. The high-speed rotation of the high-torque motor generates a large amount of kinetic energy, and the scrap steel is subjected to smashing, tearing, and crushing, and the scrap steel is processed into a block or agglomerate. Then pass through the lower and top grids and fall on the vibrating conveyor (spraying and tearing of the scrap steel while spraying water to remove dust and cool). It is transmitted to the discharge conveyor belt through the vibrating conveyor and enters the magnetic separation. The scrap steel crusher consists of 87 major components of 9 major systems. The 9 large systems are the feeding system, the feeding double drum rolling system, the crushing host system, the downstream conveying system, the magnetic separation system, the hydraulic power system, the lubricating oil tank system, and the qualified broken scrap steel after the magnetic separation of the tubes. Belt transfer is blamed. The crushed material containing more non-metallic materials enters the non-metallic material conveyor belt, and is subjected to secondary magnetic separation on the non-metal conveyor belt. The impurities enter the impurity storage area, and the metal scrap steel enters the metal storage area. Non-metallic conveyor belts can be manually picked up for non-ferrous metals, which can increase economic efficiency and remove harmful elements to steelmaking. For the first time that it cannot be processed into scrap steel that is small enough to pass through the grille, the disc and hammer that are rotated in the crusher mainframe will be twisted, torn, and broken again or again until it can pass through the grid. Until the grid. For the unbreakable materials entering the crusher main engine, such as large scrap steel and large non-metallic materials, the operator can open the discharge doors in time and discharge them in time.

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