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how does a car shredder work,car body shredder

Time:2018-10-31 Author:Hongyuan Machine

Metal car shredder. 
how does a car shredder work,car body shredder
Product description: 
Metal drum shredder will be a variety of used tricycles, used bicycles, used cars, car shells, used iron sheets, waste steel plates, waste steel bars, cans, metal bottles, paint barrels, scrap iron sheets, scrap iron chips, tins; 
All kinds of scrap metals are broken into pellets so as to reduce the transportation cost and increase the rate of ironmaking by casting the scrap iron into the furnace. 
Metal shredder product exhibition drawing: 
Metal shredder. 
how does a car shredder work,car body shredder
Metal crusher. 
How it works: 
The metal drum shredder uses the basic principle of hammer striking, the feeding port is equipped with a filter conveyor belt, driven by a high speed and high torque motor, the hammer head on the main engine rotor alternates to strike the things to be broken into the container cavity; 
Through the space formed between the lining plate and the hammer head, the object to be broken is torn into pieces in accordance with the specifications. 
According to the working conditions of the crusher, it can be divided into dry system, wet system and semi-wet system. 
The dry-type system mainly means that the broken material must pass through the air swing sorting system to separate the metal from the non-metal, in addition, the whole system is equipped with the dedusting device. 
Wet system refers to the crushing at the same time to spray water, and in the sorting at the same time to wash water. 
how does a car shredder work,car body shredder
The metal drum shredder is a high performance and low power consumption equipment which integrates slicing and crushing. 
The equipment of this series is suitable for flowing operation and widely used in the material preparation section of medium and small scale metal steel recycling production enterprises, and also can be used for the production and processing of metal products for the self-employed. 
The applicable materials are as follows: 
Suitable material. 
how does a car shredder work,car body shredder
Scope of application: 
When the equipment of Hongyuan mechanical metal drum shredder is in operation, the material can be broken fully and effectively in the crushing chamber, with high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency and uniform discharge. And when the equipment is used, the noise is low and the pollution is free. 
Simple operation and convenient maintenance. This machine is used for crushing fragile metal materials such as pig iron powder, alloy, ferrosilicon powder, bottle cap, cans, circuit boards, waste mobile phone batteries and so on. 
Scope of use: iron powder, ferromanganese powder, aluminum powder, zinc powder, ferrosilicon powder, any metal can be crushed. 
Exclusive manufacture, high quality and low price, welcome to order. 
Characteristics and technical advantages: 
1. Drive by decelerating motor. 
2. Meshing blade, the can will be completely broken. 
3. Select special blade, the blade hardness is not less than HRC55 (file HRC hardness is 51 degrees). 
4. Strong structure, dense reinforcement plate, to ensure the strong box. 
5. Automatic button control, safe and convenient. 
6. Safety identification and safety label to ensure the safe use. 
7. Can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding. 
Instructions for the use and maintenance of metal shredders: 
Before the start of the test run, it is necessary to strictly check whether the installation of each part of the machine conforms to the requirements, whether the screws and bolts are loose, whether the belt can be pulled lightly by hand and whether there is a phenomenon such as touching the shell, etc. 
At the same time, check the direction of rotation, strictly prohibit comminution of flammable, explosive materials, so as to avoid accidents. 
In order to ensure the quality of comminution and normal production, the overload of motor should be strictly prohibited in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine. 
3 in addition to regular attention to check the parts of the fastening loose, while more attention should be paid to the inspection of wear and tear of the parts, such as wear and tear should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the main parts. 
And take necessary fire prevention measures. 
4 due to the high speed of rotation, in addition to the installation of the correct and firm, at the same time should maintain good lubrication, to maintain the normal operation of the machine. 
In general, the bearing temperature does not exceed 70 degrees is normal. 
Adding butter and molybdenum disulfide once a week to the main engine bearing, the effect of high-speed butter is better. 
Technical parameters: 
Model JL-2600 JL-1900 JL-1500 JL-1200 JL-1000 JL-600. 
Spindle power (kw) 4-160, 24-90, 24-45, 24-37, 24-30, 24-15, 2. 
Spindle speed (r/min) 16-18 14-16 14-16 18-20 18-20 18-20. 
Yield (t / h) 25-60 10-25 8-18 6-15 5-10 2-5. 
Conveyor power (kw) 4-3kw 4-3kw 4-3kw no. 
Number of cutterheads (pieces) 40 40 30 28 30 26. 
Different materials, different number of teeth and blades, can be customized. 
(mm) Φ 720 Φ 560 Φ 530 Φ 372 Φ 360 Φ 260. 
Crushing granularity (cm) 3-10 3-10 3-10. 
Bin size (mm) 2425, 1400, 2300, 200, 2000, 1400, 1000, 1200, 1000, 820, 900. 
Outline dimensions (mm) 8200, 4000, 4300, 8000, 2500, 24004000, 1700, 24003200, 2000, 19003000, 2000, 19002600, 2000000, 19001900. 
Weight (t) 36 15 12 6 5 2 5

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