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Heavy metal shredder machine

Time:2018-11-08 Author:Hongyuan Machine

Heavy metal shredder machinery is widely used into the beverage pressed block , metals barrel , car body , the square steel , or the bike scrap .
The metal shredder machine takes the PLC controller system , the shaft takes the durable alloy , the blades is made of much more durable materials ,such as the H13 or 5WSicr .
the size of final is controlled by the blades width and length also for the teeth quantties of the blades . much more important is the working chamber . the materials should be suitble for the squeezing .
the capacity is as the shredder working chamber size . for the running speed is lower . about 5-15 Rotary speed per minute .
welcome visiting our factory and testing the equipment on our side . there are different kinds of materials before customer visiting .
Heavy metal shredder machine

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