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giant car shredder,shredder for car,fastest car shredder

Time:2018-10-31 Author:Hongyuan Machine

Waste car shell shredder can crush used cars, used bicycles, used motorcycles, used tricycles, car cabs, car bumpers, car shredder car compartments, car side panels, car keel strips, etc. Recycling of iron and steel mills.
giant car shredder,shredder for car,fastest car shredder
The scrapping machine of the used car is combined with the fixed knife and the movable knife. The fixed knife is fixed to the top of the cutter head by the S-type, and plays the role of forced feeding and forced crushing when the material enters the casing.
giant car shredder,shredder for car,fastest car shredder
The used car bumper shredder is easy to operate, and the tool change is simple and quick. The tool holder is optimized. The claw knife can be dispersed and the force is increased, so that the shear force of each knife is increased. It is suitable for crushing thick materials, hard blocks and materials. First-class, effectively improve the cutting force of the tool and reduce tool wear; it has an electronically controlled safety design. The hopper adopts a double-layer structure and is filled with sound-insulating materials, which makes the equipment have good safety and environmental protection, and is energy-saving and durable.
giant car shredder,shredder for car,fastest car shredder
The whole machine shell of the used car shredder is welded with 35mm50mm manganese steel plate, and the inner liner is built-in, which is strong and durable. The spindle is heat treated with a forged piece and the torque is no longer broken. The cutter head is cast in manganese steel, and the S-shaped insert is built in. The train wheel hub is forged with a hammerhead between the cutter discs. The main machine casing adopts hydraulic lifting device, which is convenient and quick to repair, and the design of the whole machine is reasonable and reasonable. And reasonable improvement according to user requirements.
giant car shredder,shredder for car,fastest car shredder
working principle:
The equipment mainly consists of a feed silo, a broken double stick, a power distribution control system, a discharge conveyor and a power drive.
Feed silo: place the wood to be broken to prevent the wood from splashing out and causing accidents;
Broken double roll: Double sticks are equipped with wear-resistant knives. After all the cutters are assembled, they form a spiral knives. After rotation, each cutter head is evenly stressed. The double rollers are fastened to ensure that there is no gap between the two-roll cutters. The hook of the knife and the extrusion between the double sticks realize the crushing of the wood. The power system: the feed is driven by a reducer; the discharge conveyor: the independent power system, the whole is bolted to the crusher, and the whole can be taken out and repaired. And the replacement part is flexible and convenient; the type of equipment can directly fix the material fed into the feeding bin directly through the broken double roller, hook and squeeze, and complete the crushing process.
After sales service:
1. Send personnel to the site for free to plan the site and design the process.
2. Design and manufacture exclusive products according to your requirements.
3. According to your actual situation, the technician will help you choose the right equipment.
4, perennial supply of machinery and equipment wearing parts
5. Provide complete process design and installation and commissioning.
6, in the production process encountered problems, there are special people to provide you with follow-up technical service guidance.
7. Send a special person to the site to guide, install, debug, and train personnel on site.

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