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Car car shell frame shredder test machine site

Time:2018-10-19 Author:Hongyuan Machine

Car car shell frame shredder test machine site
Scrap is one of the indispensable raw materials in the steelmaking process. Most of the scrap produced in production and life cannot be directly used as a furnace. It must be processed to achieve certain quality, particle size and heap ratio requirements, while ensuring clean steel. It does not contain impurities, so it can be used. This requires that a variety of scrap processing equipment must be processed to treat scrap steel materials into qualified scrap steel products, which will increase the density, reduce the particle size and purify the slag.
Scrap processing equipment mainly includes scrap packing block equipment, scrap cutting equipment and scrap crushing equipment. Scrap crushing equipment is recognized as an advanced and efficient scrap steel processing equipment, which plays a vital role in the recycling of scrap resources.
Packing and briquetting equipment: It is mainly used to deal with thin and light materials such as thin plates, steel wire ropes and chips generated during machining to facilitate transportation and increase the pile ratio.
Shearing equipment: mainly used to process heavy scrap steel and large-scale components, so that it can meet certain dimensional and quality requirements, and it is easy to enter the furnace. Later, it can also be equipped with corresponding sorting magnetic separation equipment to achieve the purpose of removing foreign matter and purifying products.
Crushing equipment: used to process unclassified mixed low-quality scrap (light and thin materials), and then generally equipped with advanced magnetic separation and sorting equipment and dust removal system to form a crushing production line to eliminate foreign matter, purify products and increase heap ratio. purpose.
After the scrap steel is treated by the above equipment, the purpose of increasing the density, reducing the particle size and purifying the slag is mainly achieved. Comparing these three types of scrap processing equipment, it can be said that the scrap crushing production line is an ideal advanced scrap processing line equipment in the world.
The scrap crusher has many types of processing, high productivity, can remove impurities, and is equipped with appropriate sorting equipment. It can sort out non-ferrous metals that are harmful to steel making in scrap steel, and obtain very pure and high-quality ferrous materials. The production and development of the crusher is closely related to the development of the scrap industry. At first, it only dealt with some light and thin materials. With the deepening of understanding and the superiority of broken scrap, the crushers of various specifications have been continuously developed and the scope of use is also used. It is more and more wide, can handle the whole scrapped cars and household appliances, can easily form a scrap crushing production line, and can automatically process and process scrapped cars and household appliances without dismantling, and obtain pure broken steel. And non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials available.

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