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Branch shredder-price list-manufacturer-parameters

Time:2018-10-29 Author:Hongyuan Machine

Branch shredder-price list-manufacturer-parameters

Tree technology shredder is a professional direct crushing tree technology – based timber crusher. The main raw materials for cutting are the roots and branches of tree technology, and can also be used to cut irregular wood and furniture to process leftovers. The most advanced technology of this product is the closed shear structure. The controlled feeding way determines the unity of the length of wood chips. This product has the characteristics of reasonable structure, high cutting material quality, high output and low power, etc.

Tree technology shredder is composed of frame, cutter disk, blade part, power system and conveying system.

The tree technique shearing machine frame is made of high strength steel plate welded, which is the supporting foundation of the whole equipment. There are two rows of flying knives installed on the cutter roll, which are cut by means of cross cutting with less power consumption. The cutter roller adopts a fully closed structure, which effectively controls the length of cutting wood pieces. Finally, the wood after grinding is discharged from the bottom, and the blade is made of alloy steel.

Main features:

1. Low rotation speed of cutter shaft. Because the shaper works differently from other crushing equipment. It mainly USES the rotating shearing force of the cutter shaft to shred the wood, so the rotation speed of the cutter shaft is low.

2. Low noise. Due to low rotating speed, there will not be a lot of noise pollution when working.

3. The main cutter is made of alloy tool steel;

4. Low energy consumption. Compared with other types of crushing equipment, the used motor saves electricity and energy.

5. Tree technology shaper bearing, motor, reducer and main electrical components are all made of well-known domestic products;

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