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​The scrap crusher large metal crusher

Time:2018-10-24 Author:Hongyuan Machine

The scrap crusher is a large metal crusher produced by Hongyuan Machinery. It can be applied to scrap metal such as packing metal, briquetting metal, compressed metal, scrap alloy, waste, paint bucket, oil drum, petrol drum, iron sheet. Barrels, thin iron sheets, metal barrels, metal cans, color steel tiles, rolling gates, waste formwork, metal cabinets, safes, filing cabinets, motor casings, oil filter elements, metal scraps, scraps, scraps, scrap iron, scrap steel, etc. The material is crushed, separated and processed, and has the characteristics of low transportation price, convenient smelting, high steel purity and stable metal composition after crushing. Widely used in metal products factory, metal processing plant, waste recycling station, metal recycling company, steel mill, metallurgy, smelting, and other industries. In the production line configuration, the 900 type scrap crusher consists of feeding, large metal crusher, discharge conveying, sorting system, dust removal system, soundproof and explosion-proof room, and electric control system. It can be used for paint removal and impurity removal of all kinds of scrap steel. Broken scorpion is known as the scrap recycling line.

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